domingo, 8 de marzo de 2015

The Spring 2015 "Street approved" collection

As much as a winter witch that I am, I'm getting enough of the dirty snow around the streets. 
The craving of spring its getting stronger and hopefully in a couple of weeks the sun is going to shine bright and the flowers are going to start to come up. 
For now, here is a collection of the "street approved" ideas from the Spring 2015 RTW.
For those who doesn't have seasons like my lovely Bogota, you can start wearing white T-shirts and flowerful skirts, you lucky bastards.

Chanel putting white dresses and 3d printed flowers on the table. Not sure of the flowers to wear on a daily basis, but a bomber jacket and shift dress could work for a sunny day.

"El que de amarillo se viste a su belleza se atiene" - Wearing yellow might be challenging, its a hard color to wear. Hermes gave us mustard instead of yellow, contrasting it with black and white. Amen to that..

Wearing a white t-shirt will not be a sign that you might stay watching netflix the rest of the weekend, at least not for Michael Kors 

No need to live next to the central park to feel like an uptown girl and be able to go into Bergdorf Goodman. Oscar de la Renta was always inspired by rich girls, we might not be rich but we might have the soul of one

A Saint Laurent way to go back to the disco, with some gold. I turned it down a notch because lets be real, our parties are not even close of a Studio 54 kind of night.

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