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The Bridal Journal : Asking them

Now that I'm starting a bridal journal I have found that the process of preparing everything is way more fun that most people say. For me and Mr. Velez doing a wedding is just an excuse to get together with all the people we love and share the happiness. That's why I'm enjoying the "making of" so much. Now I have a lot of reasons to bother my family and friends with boring wedding related stuff, for my surprise they are more than exited to help me doing it.

Choosing the bridal party goes further than "must" and "dont's", its more about those who matter to both of you; Friends in common, family members, etc. 
We divide it into : He choses the guys, I chose the girls. 

For the guys we went out one night and asked them while we were having drinks, but for the girls I took extra time thinking of how to ask them, because in my family, weddings and fairytales goes in the same package, we were raised by cinderella, so you can imagine.

Here are some creative ways to ask your girls to be in your team. (Remember the are going be helping you a lot!, so giving them a little something wont hurt) 

I gave them a letter next to a list of the things that I wont be able to do without them, and a pair of heart shaped earrings to remind them that all of this experience is in the name of love. :) 

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  1. I was super simple with my bridesmaids, never thought of something like this, great and cute ideas, I'll begin following more <3 long time no see u and now I'm really happy for u both, marriage is awesome. Good vibes Mafe :)


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