lunes, 16 de marzo de 2015


Last friday a new version of Cinderella came to theaters, and yet I haven't got the time (nor the company) to go and see it. This is my favorite movie of all times, and I have seen the cartoon version thousands of times (yes, I know most of the lines in the movie).
One of my favorite things of cinderella is the fairy godmother, sometimes I identify myself more with her than with cinderella, we are two both clumsy ladies, and we both like to shine on.

Thats why I chose this week to be inspired by the sparkles and glitter that flows around us, here are some of my favorite ways to put some glitter to my life. And its fine, it last longer than midnight. 

Shiny shoes for daylight and a glittery dress for night time

I'm still obsessed with the makeup of the Chanel Haute Couture SS2014 , and if you have dark spots around your eyes, you can put some stars on :) 
Glitter Donuts? Yes please! 

A house full of shine would be the ideal hose for me, but if you are living with a Mr. that doesn't feel the glitter as much as you do, you can put some little pieces around the house 

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