lunes, 22 de abril de 2013

Weekly Inspiration { Detoxifying }

This week I have decided to accept the fact that is spring already here, now is the time to make some changes and clean some mess, so this week is all about cleaning from your inside to everything that goes around you!

1. To start the week there is nothing better that detoxify yourself, and get rid of all that extra sugar you have in your system,thats why I recommend to do this 28 day mind + body Challenge

2. Dont forget to exercise at least 10 min every day, some stretching will make the difference of your day, this week try the sun salutation, its simple,fast and well, the bunny makes it look cute.

3. Your hair loose and a little messy, anyway those windy days will make sure to do it for you, let it flow 

4. A clean and minimal room. Get rid of EVERYTHING that you dont need, nothing better that keeping it simple

5. Of course not everything has to go white and light , A Black - A line dress made of a light fabric Its also a spring essential 

And above all those things, remember to be happy!

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