sábado, 2 de julio de 2011

Tales from friday {Travel Journal}

I try to describe how I go and get inspired, I try to understand, why now, why this sun, this  shadow?, this shine? .. then I go upstairs at the top of a roof… I look outside, how calm the morning is, is this how it feels? is this the freedom I was waiting for? … the sun rises, and everything looks like sparkles , with glitter inside, then I start to walk in a road full of trees, full of music.. there's a guy singing so loud and so nice, and then I get lost again, and a pair of dog playing chess with the white and black , cream and brown , repeating this pattern over an over again, the patterns… of colors, textures and forms…a lot of stars hanging on the walls made by small pieces of old fabric, and there's finally me, looking at myself ,trying to look what I want to be… there is how all the inspiration comes from, the little sparkle hiding in my eyes.. behind that there's always a story I´m making up … 

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