jueves, 30 de junio de 2011

Mad Men {Inspiration}

Lately i've been inspired by a famous costume designer, Janie Bryant designer of the mad men costume department, she has really marked the style and elegance of the New york 50`s style. I'm just starting to be involved with the show, but at first time you can see clearly the whole experience of the independent women who has discovered the birth control  pill and all the things that come from it; their freedom to choose, to study , to work , to still being the dreamy housewife, everything now is a choice for them. The New look by Dior , high heels , make up and the accentuation of the feminine shape are some of the icons that mark this age. Now we can get some influence of those days of cigarettes and champaign, all the vintage influence has helped, but above all is that legacy that those women left to us. 

pictures taken from AMCtv.com 

1. Tele-visionary top $ 42.99
2. I'll Take My Limo Bag $49.99
3. Puddle pleasures skirt $34.99
4. Life´s a peach wedge $34.99
5. Table lamp, gray $79.99
6. Swivel chair, Almås red $149

clothes from Modcloth furniture from Ikea 

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