martes, 8 de marzo de 2011


I got this incredible feeling when I saw for the first this page, it's something kinda magical or something like that. I hope you have the same feeling I had…. 

"Together, Nina and Kaya Egli form Family Affairs. A mother and daughter, they draw on their combined experience in fashion and design.
Kaya Egli opened her first store selling her own designs and vintage clothing at the age of 20. She went on to become the in house designer for The Beatles iconic Apple shop in London. 

Nina Egli, already with her own line of jewelry Toujours Toi, made a natural progression into ready to wear, and a transatlantic design partnership evolved; with Nina based in New York and Kaya in Switzerland. 
From New York, Nina gathers and sends packages of visual inspiration: essence, fabrics, colours, and shapes, across the seas to Kaya and the process begins to take shape. Then delving into Kaya’s archives they pull designs, which they adjust and refine to create the bone structure of each piece."

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