domingo, 13 de marzo de 2011


So we decided to go for something sweet (the day started like a piece of garbage) and we found this place, in the middle of old houses called "LA ROSCONERIA", that now are coffee places and restaurants (Usaquén) , it's one of my favorite places in Bogota. And there it was, fabric hearts hanging in the roof, a lovely fountain and roses in the floor, The place was telling me how in love it was (maybe of itself), but I wasn't there for Love… I was there for food!, and very sweet food. Also the heat in the place was melting me in the pink sofa so I got a very cold drink and my very sweet dessert, I felt for the colors, mixing the textures, and putting that all together in my mouth and finally felt that sensation I was looking for, and I forgot for complete why my day started like crap.

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