domingo, 1 de febrero de 2015

Lecturas de Domingo

Happy 2015! 

New things are coming up and they are amazing, today is the perfect time to start new projects, and keep working on the old ones. For me its has been a fresh new start in so many ways. I'm engaged to my best friend, I'm becoming a yoga hyper crazy lover, I keep working on my own brand and now that I have New York around the corner where I can find inspiration everywhere.

Tiempos the maria will be a mixture of bridal inspiration with a yoga journal, tricks and guidelines from my experience as a fashion designer, and tons of ideas for a great and simple living.

Also Little Reveries, my accessories line will be coming back with a new season of hand painted bags and wallets now selling in Bogota and in the U.S. 

Follow me on instagram, facebook and twitter. I promise it will be filled of hashtagas, food porn, yoga challenges and pretty pictures. Also a lot of things you will be very interested.


Maria Pash 

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