martes, 28 de mayo de 2013

7 things to love this week

Because 7 is a weirdly lucky number, I chose 7 things to be in love this week! 

1. Love your walls : Use the walls as organization spaces, instead of stacking everything in your desk. Here are some ideas

2. Love to eat chilly and fresh : keep yourself cool and fresh with this fun and healthy frozen fruit pops

3. Be inspired by: Mario Testino for Vogue UK: White dress with embroidery

4. Beautiful feet: DIY Rosemary Foot soak & Olive Oil Scrub Get the recipe Here

5.  A must Have:  Sleeveless Embroidery Organza Blouse. From SheInside

6. Watch the time bounce: Now that the sun wont tell you if is day or night wear this Moving Bunny Chase Watch from Asos

7.  Move those legs: enough of being lazy, it can take you everywhere, its time ti ride a bicycle

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