domingo, 6 de marzo de 2011


So i'm in the middle of nowhere (time) and nothing (place), really bored , waiting for someone, the only thing that makes me happy is the outfit i'm wearing in that moment, it was one of these days that I really felt pretty and good. Thank God I have my journal ,a cup of coffee and my pencil and eraser (that I got from this really nice man called "Don Dieguito"; he shouldn't be selling things on buses because of his age , bet he does it for his other friends that are older than him and need food and things for their living).

So I start to draw, I wasn't drawing how I was looking like that moment, but how i was feeling about myself. It took time and it's not that great illustration, but it was me, just like I felt in that moment.

Then , when I met that someone I was waiting for, we went up to the roof of a building, and I had this great image of my lovely city and I felt for a picture, so I took it. 
It was a great rainy day , just like those you don't want to miss or end. 

oh lovely rainy days 

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